Thursday, July 16, 2009

Windy Welly

It is with great sadness that I must announce that I have nothing really insightful to say at the moment. Not to say we haven't been up to much, because we've actually been doing a lot (Tenny is working on a new batch of pictures as I type), it's just that we've succumbed to the banality of city life for a couple of weeks while we figure out the master plan. Tens and I are chillin' in chilly Wellington, enjoying the incredible hospitality of her cousins Georgette and Emily, and getting caught up on all the boring stuff like getting our resumes ready for job hunting.

Actually the most interesting thing to happen in the last few days has been what didn't happen, to us at least. We had talked about going for a hike in the mountains to the north of Wellington, but changed our minds when we found out that the head of the national museum in Wellington died of hypothermia along the track.

I think the two of them were far higher and further than we had planned to go, but it's a healthy reminder that it's still winter and we're probably better off sitting by the heater watching Harry Potter. The strange thing is that I think they probably died the day we were vising the national museum, which is quite an impressive museum. Looks like we'll have to live vicariously through others, like our friend Jed, who just scaled Mt. Adams outside of Portland. It looks like he's excited, but he could also be trying to scare off a yeti.

So for the time being we'll stick to the lowlands, which is what we were doing in Napier/Hastings before we ventured down to Wellington. And I hate to admit it lest I be branded a yuppy, but we had a really good time at the wineries swishing the free samples of the reserve collections and pretending like we could taste apricots and oak (well, I was pretending at least, Tenny has a much more refined palate and can actually distinguish these things). Ahhh, who am I kidding.. anybody who uses the word 'lest' in a sentence deserves to be ridiculed. I'm not afraid to admit that I could get really used to having expensive glasses of wine poured for free, in fact Tens and I are already plotting a trip to the Okanagan to check out the local wineries back home. And if anyone is planning on buying New Zealand wine in the near future I can certainly attest to the fact that 2007 was a good year.

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