Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Seriously Bizarre

We picked up our new wheels while we were in Auckland, and are proud to introduce the newest member of our family:

Princess Silver Fern

She is a 1996 Subaru Legacy Brighton, with some sweet hatchback space and dual left hand driving side action. Within our first week we took her up into the mountains on the Coromandel Peninsula, where we did the Pinnacles Hike in the Kauaeranga Valley (Tens will have some photos up on Flickr shortly). And it was on her first night camping that New Zealand proved it isn't always as warm as it is cut out to be, with this being the scene in the morning after a long cold night:

Geniuses that we are we decided to test her by leaving a light on all night, and she passed the test by driving for another week before the battery completely died on us (Atta girl!!). Next test is to run her without oil (not even valvoline) in the desert for 5 days and see if the engine survives. If she passes that test then maybe, just maybe, we'll start taking care of her.

In other news Tenny and I were in deep discussion while planting some trees at our first wwoofing farm, named Tihanna, after something that I didn't understand (you get used to that after 2 weeks of Maori names all over the place), and began to ponder one of the great questions of New Zealand culture: what is the most famous band ever to come out of NZ???

Well I responded quickly that it must be Silverchair, to which Tenny replied that Silverchair was from Australia, and we proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes trying to get that damn 'wait till tomorroooooow' song stuck out of our head. And so the question was left unanswered, but some quick research reveals shocking results! Pretty much the opposite from Canada, where google reveals a whole bunch of artists that you never knew were Canadian, I was floored to find that there are almost no notable bands from New Zealand. Not even debatably notable punk bands, or opera singers, it's just a wasteland. There are only two musicians of note, the first being the person who wrote the music for the Rocky Horror Picture Show (mildly bizarre..), and the second being the New Zealand artist responsible for the greatest selling single of all time:


Wanna know the rest hey... buy the rights!


  1. i cant believe that is NZ boasting band! that is the worst song. ever. actually semi-charmed kind of life is pretty bad as is anything by eagle eye cherry. or wide mouth mason. or nickleback or lou vega.did you also know that henry makes whinny sounds that are remarkably similar to pigeon roosting sounds. zo

  2. An opera singer is the one thing NZ DOES have! (Kiri Te Kanawa!)

  3. And if you're counting joke bands, the Conchords...